How to lose your job in one day!

  | James Innes

You'd think that most people would try to make a good impression on their first day in a new job! But some people apparently have rather strange ideas about workplace behaviour - so much so that they were fired on day one. Like the firefighter in America who spent a bit too long celebrating his graduation from the academy on the previous night that he turned up for his first shift (tactical driver training!) an hour late and still drunk. Not only fired but also arrested for driving under the influence.

Here are a few more examples from this hilarious Reddit thread.

- Bazilbt tells of a shop worker who, on his first night shift, went missing! He was found several hours later fast asleep on a shelf he had cleared in the parts room. 

- Working as a healthcare assistant with people with a learning disability, you need to be trustworthy, right? So not like the guy log-jammer spoke of who took his first client to a shopping centre and went on to spend £250 on their debit card buying electrical goods for himself.

- Most people take a shower before they get to work. But demonicsoap once worked in a bar with a new guy who literally washed his hair under the tap at the sink behind the bar. In front of customers. During rush hour...

- Finding a job after you'ave been in prison is tough at the best of times. But if you want to keep the job, probably best not to try dealing drugs on your first day working as a dish washer in a restaurant!

And my personal favourite:

- Woeful_haichi had to fire someone on his first day as an English teacher in South Korea, who they had flow out from Canada for the job. "During the dinner break, he started chuckling to himself so our director asked him what was so funny. His response was that the ghosts around him were saying really funny things so he couldn't help but laugh. He was told to go home after dinner and be out of his employer provided housing within three days."

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