Is Your Job Boring You to Death?

  | James Innes

A Frenchman, Frederic Desnard, has taken his former employer to an industrial tribunal claiming “bore out” and demanding €360,000 in compensation and damages. He claimed his former job as a manager at a perfume factory was so tedious, he became exhausted and “bored out of his mind”.

He is not alone. Many people have the same feelings about their job – the same commute, the same people every day, the same mundane and tedious tasks.

Evidence suggests that being bored at work can be seriously detrimental to your health as well. A study of 7,000 UK civil servants found very bored workers were more likely to die early over a 24-year study period. Bored workers are more likely to seek stimulation from alcohol, drugs and unhealthy food, and can face relationship difficulties.

Sound familiar? Does your job bore you to death? Then it is time to step out of the vicious circle and find something to do that is more interesting. For some, this may mean a completely different path in life, such as the New Zealand man who recently quit his job to become a full-time Pokemon hunter. Less extreme but more common are those who choose to completely re-train and change career path rather than continue in an industry or profession that affords them no satisfaction or enjoyment.

For most though, the answer is to find a new job in a new environment that will give them the challenge and stimulation they currently lack. After all, a change is as good as a rest. So it is time to start to look at the job ads again and get your Resume and LinkedIn profile updated, perhaps by using a professional writing company, such as the The Resume Center USA.

Life is too short to spend in a job you hate or that bores you to death. You owe it to yourself to do better.

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