January- a great time to get a new job

  | James Innes

Although we have yet to get through Christmas, those looking for a new job should already be looking forward to January, which traditionally marks the start of the hiring season. There are good reasons for this, both from the employer and the applicant viewpoint. Expect 2017 to be no different.

From the employer’s point of view, January often is the month when the number of key decision makers who can be found in the office at any time is at its greatest, following the Christmas slowdown and vacation time. As these decision makers often work together in teams, when it comes to recruitment this naturally gives an impetus to hiring decisions. Also, many companies’ financial years operate on a calendar year basis, which means that yearly budgets are released to divisions and departments in January. This mean that managers can begin hiring with confidence, knowing that budget is available to cover this. In addition, the budget targets will have been set, and companies will need to bring in additional resource so as to achieve those targets.

January is also a strong month for candidates as well. Christmas and the New Year festivities are behind them, and the relaxation afforded by the holiday downtime often allows more time to consider their career and its current progression, and to decide that a change is required. There can be a myriad of reasons to want a change - a wish for more salary, increased responsibility, a change of boss or colleagues, or the wish to move to a new location. Whatever the motivation, the thought of just going back to the same role with the same pressures and responsibilities and with the same working environment is often a powerful incentive to want the change.

In theory also, the Christmas break allows candidates to rest for a few days, giving them more energy to start their job search. Looking for a new job can be a tiring process, so the fresher you are to start with, the better your search will probably go.

Of course, with all this activity occurring, there will be stiff competition for the best new jobs so make sure you are well-prepared.  Make sure your Resume is up to date, and that your LinkedIn Profile (LIP) is current. If you are worried that either document is not up to scratch, get somebody else to read them and provide feedback as to their appeal. Consider also using the services of a professional writing company, like The Resume Center USA who know how to prepare winning Resumes and LIPs that will appeal to employers.

January will be here sooner than you think and both employers and applicants need to make sure they are ready for the hiring season ahead. The first few days of the month will be quiet as people catch-up after the holidays, but then the pace will hot up quickly. Make sure you are ready for it.

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