Holiday blues - The Hunt For A New Job!

  | James Innes

Research indicates that, rather than feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work after a summer break, many employees start to think about changing jobs once they get back from holiday. A survey conducted by Monster indicated that 47% of respondents were definitely going to look for a new job after their summer vacation, while a further 33% indicated that they are more likely than not to do so.
Holidays offer that rare chance to relax, sit back and take stock. And for many, this gives the chance to evaluate their lives and careers, and identify the need for a change.

So, if you have just got back to your desk and post-holiday depression has set in, of if you are still on the beach, by the lake or in the mountains dreading the return to work, you are in good company.
How do you begin that hunt for a new job? For most people, this means getting their Resume up to date, making sure it reflects their current skills, experience and positions. They should also make sure that they have a LinkedIn profile, and that too is up to date.

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Once your Resume and LinkedIn profile are up to date, register with agencies, sign-up with Job Boards and start looking at recruitments ads. Also, let your professional network know you are on the market for a new job. Given that 80% of new jobs are never advertised, these contacts could be the key to finding that new role.

Follow these steps and you could be on the way to finding that new job and challenge. Holiday tans might fade but there is no reason why that wish for a new challenge and opportunity should.

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