999 What's your emergency? My feet hurt!!

  | James Innes

So many times, the emergency services remind us that 999 is the number to call in an emergency only. Yet still people continue to abuse it! At the end of last year, the Metropolitan Police released some of the more bonkers calls that they had received, ranging from a clown selling balloons at a higher price than his rivals to a drunk party-goer asking where they could get a bacon sandwich at 4am!

This week, two reports stood out as particularly ridiculous reasons for calling 999.

The first one involved a 32 year old woman from Warwickshire who dialled 999 after a hard day shopping claiming that she was unable to make it home in her condition because she had sore feet! Prior to calling an ambulance, she had also tried the police to see if they would give her a lift home! The call handler, who deserves a medal, suggested that if her feet were that bad they could take her to A&E! But the woman just wanted to be taken to her home 2 miles away. Needless to say, an ambulance was not sent to her aid!

Even funnier was the tale of a 33 year old man who called 999 after being served the wrong flavoured tea in a cafe in London. Seriously! He ordered lemongrass and ginger but got lemon and ginger instead. When the staff realised their mistake, they apologised profusely for the obvious distress this mix up had caused and offered him a full refund or an exchange, both of which he declined. Instead, he sat in the cafe and started to post a negative review on TripAdvisor! When politely asked to leave, he called the police! Understandably, the police did not respond to this tea bag emergency either.


Funny though these stories are, wasting the time of the emergency services is not a joke. Someone with a real emergency could have been trying to get through and lives could have been at risk! So next time you get sore feet after a day out shopping, think twice before dialling 999 for a lift home...



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