Fired over Facebook posts

  | James Innes

Earlier this month Georgia schoolteacher Jane Wood Allen was fired after posting a racial comment about Michelle Obama on her Facebook page. She joins a long list of people whose indiscretions on the social media platform have ended up costing them their jobs.

They include Ohio waitress Ashley Johnson, a North Carolina waitress who took the trouble to post a rant about two customers who failed to tip and who kept her late. She also name checked the restaurant where she worked. For her troubles she got the sack for disparaging customers.

Another waitress, Kirsten Kelly, was also fired after complaining about poor tippers at the Ohio restaurant where she worked.

The long list of those who have lost their jobs over their Facebook activity is not confined to the US or the restaurant trade.

A Swiss woman cried off work claiming she had migraines and needed to go home and lie in a dark room. When she stayed home and started to Facebook, she was promptly fired.

Tania Dickinson described her job with the New Zealand Social Development Ministry as being "a very expensive paperweight". She bragged that she was "highly competent in the art of time wastage, blame-shifting and stationery theft." The expensive paperweight found herself looking for a new job.

Meanwhile 13 Virgin Airlines staff were dismissed after discussing their jobs on Facebook, including the number of times engine parts had been replaced and the fact cabins were infested with cockroaches. They also took the time to slag off the passengers who paid their salaries.

Even religious orders are not exempt. Spanish nun, Sister Maria Jesus Galan was asked to leave the Santa Domingo El Real convent in Toledo because she was spending too much time on Facebook.

These are just a few examples. If it can happen to then, it could happen to you. Is there something currently on your Facebook page which perhaps you should remove?

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