Got to Catch Them All!

  | James Innes

Or at least as many as your legs allow you to. Pokémon Go is the new Pokémon game by Nintendo that makes people literally run around like crazy! Reports of people quitting their jobs to become a full-fledged Pokémon trainer are no rumors!

But let’s take a step back and look at this craze from an employer’s point of view. In any given industry what are the qualities that most jobs request?

  • A quick wit
  • Problem solving skills
  • Social interaction
  • Team player

It seems that Nintendo has built their game based on these four principles. Walking for miles on end to capture that one Pokémon truly does build character, which makes for a valuable asset in any line of work.

Battling and interacting with fellow trainers both induces social interaction and makes for a good team environment, enabling candidates like you to develop great employability skills.

We are not saying quit your job and start hunting Pokémon and battling trainers, nor are we saying you should put these activities in your CV (unless you are applying to be a GYM leader) but this experience will surely teach you some valuable skills that you can adapt to your working environment.

Let’s go catch them all, and if you happen upon a Mew, use that as a bargaining chip to get hired in any job!! Guaranteed!

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