He ain't heavy he's my brother

  | James Innes

The World Triathlon Series came to a dramatic end in Mexico last weekend when race leader and Olympic silver medallist Jonny Brownlee was carried across the finish line by his elder brother.

The race, held in hot and humid conditions in Cozumel had looked to be a foregone conclusion with Jonny holding a clear lead with a kilometre to go. But the heat began to get to him; he stopped and began, in his own words, to stumble like a “wobbly horse down the finishing line”.

Moments later, he was caught by South African Henri Schoeman, who went on to win the race, and elder brother Alistair.

The video of Alistair, a double Olympic champion in his own right, helping his brother to the finish line, has since gone viral, with JK Rowling and Gordon Ramsey just two of the celebrities who have tweeted about his unselfish response.

Said Jonny, “Alistair had the chance to win but threw that away to help me… obviously it takes a very strong and good person to do that. Sometimes in sport we talk about wining being the most important thing in the world, but maybe helping a brother out is way more important”.

Alistair was modest about what he had done, noting that he would have done the same for any competitor who found themselves in the same position as his younger sibling. “I sat for an hour after the race thinking “Did I do the right thing?”. Would he have received medical attention quicker if I’d just left him? Is it the right thing to carry someone over the line? But the reaction has been nice to reassure me that maybe it was the right thing to do.”

Perhaps the last word should go to Jonny though who recovered after a short spell in hospital. “When you’ve been through what we’ve been through together, you know someone’s going to help you out and it shows true loyalty and respect for each other. I like to think I’d have done the same for Alistair.”


Sources:             BBC News, Sky News

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