Mexicans get a �Dell� of a bargain

  | James Innes

Dell Computers have been ordered by Mexican authorities to honour the sale of laptops which had been mistakenly advertised online for just 679 pesos – equivalent to US $33 – with the accompanying slogan ” designed to cause damage”. Unfortunately, the only damage that has been caused by the promotion is to Dell’s image – and pocket.

The computers affected – the Alienware, XPS and Inspiron models –were targeted at gamers and normally retail in Mexico for at least 50,000 pesos (US $2,500). However, because of a pricing error, which the US company later blamed on a software malfunction, only the shipping costs were included in the advert which appeared earlier this month.

When Dell realised what had happened, they cancelled the sales and offered refunds to their clients. However, some customers, led by Twitter user and Dell customer Raul Garcia, unhappy at not getting the promised bargain, created a Facebook group and invited other buyers to refer the case to Profeco, Mexico’s consumer protection body.

Profeco agreed to review the case and announced on November 17th that “Dell will have to deliver the equipment offered to customers who received an email before the ad was withdrawn”. The agency also urged Dell to improve its “customer service mechanisms”.

While it has not been disclosed how many computers were sold before the ad was withdrawn, those lucky Mexicans who did order in time will soon be enjoying one of the best bargains of the year.

Dell acknowledged that it had made a mistake and that it was working with the relevant authorities to rectify matters.


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