Mega Connectors Hit by New LinkedIn Rules

  | James Innes

In a move that has not been widely announced, LinkedIn have begun to automatically remove connections made by "mega connectors" - those members whose networks exceed 30,000 members. This move was reported in her blog by Irina Shamaeva, partner at executive search firm Brain Gain Recruiting. Irina reported receiving an email from LinkedIn notifying her that the professional networking site was going to reduce all mega connector networks.

LinkedIn's Help Site published an update last month, advising that, in order to have an "optimal" experience, members can have a maximum of 30,000 first degree connections.

A statement from a LinkedIn spokesperson said that LinkedIn's user agreement requires members to only connect to members they know, and that site loading and performance for all members was impacted by very large networks. They also advised that members wanting to reach out to a very large audience, could "follow a member" rather than connect to them.

For those with mega connections, the move means that they could lose the ability to send messages, store and retrieve relationship notes, notifications about job changes, as well as recommendations shared between these connectors and connections.



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