Noisy and messy eaters top office complaints

  | James Innes

annoying workplace irritations.

The survey conducted by consultancy Censuswide polled office workers in UK small firms employing fewer than 250 people. Apart from the eating habits of their colleagues, an overwhelming number – 92% - cited IT issues as their major bugbear, with crashing computers and slow internet speed costing nearly half an hour a day in lost time on average.

Temperature was also a major issue, with 82% saying either being too hot or cold at work was a major issue, whilst uncomfortable office furniture and untidy or messy office spaces were frequently mentioned as well.

And it is not that everybody just grins and bears it either. Almost a third of those questioned said they had left a job because of an irritating colleague. A further 20% had quit because of the workplace itself, with a further 10% leaving because of frustrations with technology.

Manchester University professor Sir Cory Cooper, an expert in workplace issues, believes addressing the issue could help improve productivity. “This can be a large subject for the UK because it, at the moment, sits 7th within the G7 and 17th within the G20 on productiveness per individual, exhibiting that these distractions could possibly be inflicting a huge impact”.

Of course, it is difficult to be too productive when your computer is on the blink, you are working in temperatures more suited to the Amazon than a modern office, and your colleague next to you is in the middle of an extended moan whilst eating their lunch noisily! If this sounds familiar, perhaps it is time to think of a change of job or location.


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