The Paper Bag - the next big thing from Apple?

  | James Innes

Apple, the company that has changed the world with devices like the IPhone and the IPad has revealed the next big cutting edge technology which they are bringing to the world – the paper bag.

According to a patent filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the technology giant has turned its attention to the humble paper bag, adding features designed to provide unusual strength to a bag mostly made from recycled paper.

Most current white bags made from recycled paper are flimsy and subject to tearing because of the large amount of bleach used during the production. Apple’s bag, on the other hand, will use solid bleached sulfate paper with at least 60% recycled material included in its construction. A number of reinforcement inserts will then be attached to the folds and gussets of the bag to increase its strength.

The finished bag will be resistant to tearing whilst, at the same time, being expandable, so that larger items can be placed within it. Knitted paper fibre handles will be provided so that they do not feel rough and unfinished in the hand.   

Apple wrote in its patent application:”The bag may be formed entirely of paper, with the potential exception of adhesives for fixing together portions of the bag. This can help to reduce any environmental impact from production, use, and disposal of the bag. The bag may be formed of a container and a handle”.

Whether the patent is granted now lies with the patent office. However, it should be noted that bag technology has remained relatively stable for decades, with little time or effort devoted to bag research and development.

While some critics have been quick to mock Apple’s latest move, others are not so sure, pointing out that the company has made a huge success pioneering products consumers never knew they needed until they became available. Not for nothing has it become the world’s leading tech company.

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