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How To Write A CV or Resume
  | James Innes
CV writing is a controversial subject - part art, part science. If you ask any two people their idea of the perfect CV, you are likely to get two different and rather subjective responses....
Get That Job With the Right CV
  | James Innes
Job with the Right CV will help to teach you how to write the best possible CV to land that perfect job. It covers everything from layout and format, through to perfecting a jargon-free writing style, avoiding common pitfalls and tailoring your CV to different jobs....
Explaining Gaps in Employment
  | James Innes
How you decide to explain any gaps in your employment on a CV, application form or cover letter can depend very much on what the specific reasons behind the gap are. Some gaps are much easier to explain away than others and the key is really to try and make it sound as positive as possible....
CVs and Resumes Compared
  | James Innes
Although a CV essentially serves the same purpose as a resume, there are significant differences between the two documents. In general, if you are applying for employment in the United States, the resume format is preferred, whereas the CV is the document of choice in the UK....
Spelling and Grammar in CVs & Resumes
  | James Innes
Our research has shown that approximately half of the Resumes we receive contain spelling or grammatical errors. It is impossible to stress enough how important this issue is. The answer is to check, check and check again. A professional Resume has no errors!...
Writing The Perfect CV or Resume
  | James Innes
Your CV/resume is probably the most important tool during your job hunt, so getting it right is absolutely essential. It is also one of the few aspects of the job search that you are in control of - your CV/resume dictates whether or not you will be invited to interview so it must be able to sell both your skills and your experience....
CV/Resume Templates - Just Say No!
  | James Innes
For most people, the thought of writing themselves a new CV or resume can be a very daunting one, especially in such a competitive job market. So it is becoming increasingly common to turn to the Internet as a source of help....
Why you should NOT use a CV or Resume template!
  | James Innes
Many people are under the impression that they are the best person to write their own CV or resume seeing as how it is their own career and qualifications that they will be talking about. ...
How Your Job History Can Affect Your Career Future
  | James Innes
What does your job history say about you? Is it hurting your career prospects? James goes over 5 key points to help you frame any possible negative situations in the most positive way possible....
A Guide To Covering Letters
  | James Innes
The covering letter that you send to a potential employer is arguably just as important as the CV or resume that it accompanies....
What is "a Resume"?
  | James Innes
The simplest dictionary definition says a Resume is "a summary of your academic and work history". But it so much more than that....
Resume Power Words
  | James Innes
Writing a Resume that grabs the attention of a prospective employer requires effective use of Resume power words. Are you using power words?...
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