Can you tell me what you enjoy about your current job?

  | James Innes

Can you tell me what you enjoy about your current job?

Alternative and related questions:

What do you like about your current job?
What do you find most satisfying about your current job?

The meaning behind the question:

The interviewer is seeking to identify what it is that you most enjoy about the work you currently do so as to help them gauge to what degree you're likely to enjoy this new position.  It's another way in which they can spot any potential incompatibilities between you and this new job – or indeed for them to reinforce their opinion that you are indeed a good match for the job.

Your answer:

Your favourite part of your current job might well be receiving your salary at the end of each month but that's definitely not going to make for a good answer!

Earlier in this book, we've already had the question, "What does your current job involve on a day-to-day basis?" and my advice was for you to focus on areas of your current job which most closely match the job for which you are now applying.  My advice is similar for this question.  In choosing which aspects of your job to tell them you most enjoy, you need to try to select aspects which will lead the interviewer to believe that you will also enjoy – and therefore perform well in – this new job.

What are the most important tasks/duties/responsibilities that your current job has in common which this vacancy?  Whatever they are, that's where you need to focus attention.

There's no harm is starting your answer with a general statement to the effect that you enjoy most aspects of your job but you then need to go on to give some specific examples which will help to support your case for being an ideal fit for this new job.


That's a difficult question – because there's a lot I like about my current job.  I want to move on because I'm looking for a new and greater challenge – not because I dislike my current job.  But to tell you what I enjoy most about it, I'd say that I enjoy giving direct support to senior management in a way that really makes a difference.  The contribution I make is vital to their ability to make key financial decisions which ultimately influence the overall success of the business.  I enjoy the challenge; I enjoy the responsibility and I enjoy the methodical and precise approach which is necessary for me to deliver the information the management rely upon.

Word of warning:

Steer clear of aspects which are irrelevant to the job for which you are now applying.  They won't help to support your case; they'll only risk damaging it.

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