How do you feel about the possibility of leaving your current job?

  | James Innes

How do you feel about the possibility of leaving your current job?

Alternative and related questions:

Is leaving your current job really the best decision?
Are you sure you want to leave your current job?

The meaning behind the question:

Another question probing your motivations in wishing to leave your current job.  The interviewer will be aiming to unearth any doubts you might have about moving on, doubts which might later transform into possible regrets.  Your answer to this question will help to tell them how serious you are about changing jobs.  Are you really committed to moving or are you just wasting their time?

Your answer:

As per the previous question, this is another one where you will need to bear in mind your answer to the top 10 question, "Why do you wish to leave your current position?"

It's perfectly acceptable to say that you will, in some ways, be sad to move on; you're only human.  However, you need to twist this question round so as to seize an opportunity to reiterate to the interviewer why you wish to move on and why you feel this is the right decision for you.  Focus on talking about your wanting a greater challenge and greater opportunities, wanting to diversify, advance and develop – and, if appropriate, taking a step up the career ladder.


I'll naturally be sad to leave behind many colleagues with whom I get on extremely well.  That's an inevitable aspect of moving to a new and different job.  But I'm mainly feeling very positive about my decision to want to move on.  In my current role, I've learned all that I can reasonably learn within the organisation and I'm more than ready for a new and greater challenge.  I'm very keen to achieve further professional development and this move will enable me to attain my goals.  It's very much the right decision so I'm looking forwards to the future rather than looking back to the past.

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