How much do you think you are really worth?

  | James Innes

How much do you think you are really worth?

Alternative and related questions:

What salary package are you expecting for this role?

The meaning behind the question:

This question is very similar to a question we previously covered in Chapter 3, "What salary package are you expecting for this role?"  But it's not the same.  The interviewer isn't directly asking for you to start quoting figures (although you can expect that they're probably just about to); they're asking you to give a statement as to what you feel you're worth and why.

Your answer:

This is an excellent opportunity to make a powerful sales pitch to support your case. They've handed you the chance to do this so you need to make the most of it.  This sort of question wouldn't normally crop up until towards the end of an interview so you should have had plenty of time to get a better handle on what it is that they are looking for and precisely how you can not only meet but surpass their requirements.

It's make or break time.  Use this question to outline succinctly yet compellingly how it is that you could be of significant worth to their organisation.


I feel I have significant worth to a prospective employer – and to your organisation in particular.  My broad range of experience has enabled me to develop the precise skills you are looking for and I'm a perfect match for the job description you've outlined.  While you listed a knowledge of German as 'desirable', my German is fluent and, having worked for a few months in Germany, I also have a good understanding of German culture and the way German business operates.  As you're intending to start exporting to German – clearly a major potential market – I believe I could be a very valuable asset to your organisation.  While the salary package on offer won’t necessarily be the deciding factor in my choice, I am aware of my value and am naturally keen to be remunerated in a manner which best reflects my worth.

Word of warning:

If you work in sales or some other highly money-driven and largely commission-based role then this question is more important than ever.  As it's a precursor to discussing precise figures you really do need to make a very strong case.

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