If you were in my position, what questions would you be asking?

  | James Innes

If you were in my position, what questions would you be asking?

Alternative and related questions:

If you were interviewing someone for this job what would you most like to ask them?

The meaning behind the question:

On the one hand, the interviewer is genuinely looking for a question (or questions) they haven’t thought of and that they perhaps should have. On the other hand, in unexpectedly reversing your roles they’re looking to see how well you can think on your feet.

Your answer:

You’re going to need to give the interviewer a possible question – if not a couple of possible questions. There’s no way you can answer along the lines of, “I think you’ve already asked everything that I would have asked.”

The only way in which this question might be tricky is if you’re unprepared for it – which most candidates will be. Other than that, it’s a gift horse – because it gives you the opportunity to deliver a positive and pre-prepared answer to a question of your choice.

It’s all too easy to interpret this question as, “What would be the toughest question I could ask you?” – and that is, of course, the last thing you should do. If you select your seven ‘favourite’ questions (or, more precisely, your seven favourite answers) from the previous chapter then it’s unlikely that any one interviewer will ask you all seven. This should leave you with one or two up your sleeve to roll out on just this occasion.

Don’t select from my ‘top 10’ – because most of these will crop up in almost any interview.

And I would naturally recommend you don’t select from this chapter – with one exception. If you feel confident enough to pull it off then you could plump for, “What makes you better than any of the other candidates I’m interviewing?” (see Question 18 below). I would generally recommend you stick to safer ground though.


You’ve already asked many of the questions that I myself would be asking. I’ve obviously been to a few interviews in my time and, if I had to think of a question I would ask – that you haven’t already asked – I think I would say, “What have you learned and how have you developed over the last year/five years?”

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