Would you still be interested in this job if you current employer offered a pay rise?

  | James Innes

Would you still be interested in this job if your current employer offered a pay rise?


Alternative and related questions:

Would you still be interested in this job if your current employer offered a promotion?
What will you do if your current employer makes you a counter-offer?

The meaning behind the question:

The interviewer is testing again to see how serious you are about wanting to move jobs and what your precise motivations are in wishing to do so.  Is it all just a question of money?  Are you potentially wasting their time and likely to subsequently turn down any job offer?  Or are you really committed to this new opportunity?  Maybe you're just on a fishing trip, trying to get a better idea of your market value or, worse, just getting in some interview practice!  Questions like this can easily catch out such candidates.

Your answer:

Your employer may well try to encourage you to stay with them so you need to be prepared to face the possibility that they might offer you an improvement to the salary package they currently offer.

You might well be very tempted to accept such an offer so it is important to remember your specific reasons for wanting to resign in the first place.  Was money really your main motivator?

While I’m not saying you shouldn’t give serious consideration to counter-offers – and in some cases accept them – I would say that you should proceed with caution.  Be warned that research shows that people who accept such counter-offers normally move on within less than a year anyway.  Money is rarely the only motivator.

Moving back to this question, the answer has to be to tell the interviewer that you would indeed remain interested in this job – and why.


I would most definitely still be interested in this job, even if my current employer did offer me a pay rise.  Money is not my only motivator.  While I would obviously have to give their offer some consideration, I would remind myself of my specific reasons for wanting to move on to a new job in the first place – and it's more than just a question of money.  I'm looking for a new challenge.  I'm looking for new opportunities to develop and progress.  In short, I'm looking for just the kind of role you are currently offering.

Word of warning:

Besides a pay rise, your current employer may even offer you a promotion or a move to a different branch or department.  This sort of counter-offer will take more serious thought on your part.  How does the new job they are offering compare to the one you are planning to go to?

And be prepared for the interviewer to follow up the question we've just covered with one covering the above-mentioned scenario.

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