What sort of person would you most like to work for?

  | James Innes

What sort of person would you most like to work for?

Alternative and related questions:

Can you tell me about the best boss you’ve ever had?
Putting yourself in your manager’s shoes, what is the best way to manage you?

The meaning behind the question:

Along the same lines as the previous question, the interviewer is looking to identify how well you are likely to fit in with your manager. If your prospective manager differs significantly from the description you give then it’s going to raise questions in the interviewer’s mind as to how well you are likely to be able to work together.

You should also be aware that the way you answer this question can reveal a lot about what sort of a person you will be to manage.

Your answer:

It’s best to avoid going into too much detail and giving too precise a description. Try to keep your answer broad so that it is unlikely to exclude too many people. Horoscopes are carefully written so as to sound meaningful and yet remain as vague as possible – so that they can be seen to be pertinent by as many people as possible. You want to adopt the same tactic.

By phrasing your answer carefully, you can also score a few discreet points with regard to what sort of a person you are like to work with. Try to convey the impression that you’d most like to work for someone who was a lot like you – and then give a positive description of that person.


I’d most like to work for someone who has the same approach as I do to getting things done – planning, organisation and action. Also, I’m always keen to take on new duties and responsibilities so I’d welcome a manager who was prepared to give me the chance to continue my professional development. Besides this, a good manager is of course always approachable, supportive and sensitive to the needs of their team; while I’m good at working on my own initiative, every team needs a leader to give it direction.

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