What will you remember most about your last job?

  | James Innes

What will you remember most about your last job?

Alternative and related questions:

Can you tell me what you enjoy about your current job?
What is the best thing about your current job?

The meaning behind the question:

This is another question designed to identify what you like best about your current job so as to test your motivations in wanting to move on and to better ascertain your suitability for the role for which you are applying.  The transition from one job to the next can be a tricky time and the interviewer wants to make sure there aren't any unexpected hurdles and that you're not likely to have any regrets.

Your answer:

Naturally, you need to focus on a positive.  Telling the interviewer your predominant memory will be what a sadistic so-and-so your boss was is not going to come across well!  Pick a feature which shows you in a positive light and elaborate on it in such a way that it comes across as a positive selling point for you.  They've given you an excellent opportunity to subtly say nice things about yourself!


What I'll remember most is the team I work with.  They're an outstanding team and I'm proud to have been a member.  We've achieved an awful lot together, increasing production by over 20% in the past year and consequently winning the Team of the Year award.  There's a great sense of cohesion and, while we all have our individual characters, we work very well together.  I really enjoy the team spirit.  Over time, the other team members have become increasingly dependent on me, as the most senior member of the team, and this is another reason why I feel the time is clearly right for me to step up to a Team Leader role.

Word of warning:

Avoid mentioning anything which isn't going to be a feature of the job for which you're applying.  If you do then the interviewer might wonder if you're really making the right decision in applying for this job or, worse, that if they do give you the job that there's a risk you might later regret it.

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