What would be your analysis of the current trends in our industry or sector?

  | James Innes

What would be your analysis of the current trends in our industry/sector?

Alternative and related questions:

What do you see as the most important trends in our industry/sector?

The meaning behind the question:

They want to know if you've done your homework!  A serious and committed candidate will be able to give a thorough and intelligent answer to this question.  A poorly prepared candidate will most likely be completely floored by it!  It's a good opportunity for the interviewer to filter out weaker candidates at a single stroke.

Your answer:

This question shouldn't pose you any problems because you are indeed a serious and committed candidate, right?!  In fact, it's a question you should relish because it really gives you a great chance to do some major showing off.

Your background research into this job should have given you a decent amount of insight into the environment in which it operates and how that industry or sector is currently evolving.  While it depends on the precise nature of the role for which you are applying, the interviewer generally won't be expecting you to be an expert.  You just need to show them that you have done your homework and you do have a reasonable understanding of the issues at hand.

Remember that, in the core version of this question, they have specifically asked for your 'analysis' so they'll be expecting some personal commentary from you.


In terms of the marketplace, there's a lot more poaching and raiding than there used to be and, while I and many others see that as somewhat unethical, it's clearly something we're going to have to contend with, like it or not.  On an operational basis, there's obviously a significant amount more outsourcing going on – and this is clearly set to increase in the future as pressures increase to cut costs and to focus on core strengths.  It's not necessarily a bad thing just so long as quality standards can be maintained.  And of course the biggest trend has to be the increase in e-recruitment.  This is having a dramatic impact on the sector, causing companies to have to evolve more and more rapidly in order to keep up with their competitors.

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