Which of your jobs was the best?

  | James Innes

Which of your jobs was the best?

Alternative and related questions:

What’s the best job you have ever had?
Can you describe the best job you have ever had?
How would you define your dream job?
In which job were you the happiest/most fulfilled?

The meaning behind the question:

This is potentially a trick question. Does the interviewer really care which of your jobs was the best? Or are they more interested in identifying what your conception of the perfect job is – and how that matches or differs from the vacancy for which they are currently interviewing you. It’s much more likely to be the latter. By identifying what you have most enjoyed in the past they can assess how likely you are to enjoy this job in the future.

Your answer:

You should endeavour to pick a job which is not greatly dissimilar from the one for which you are applying. You then need to explain your choice in such a way as to emphasise the similarities between that role and this current vacancy – subtly of course.


I have tried to plan my career path carefully, only changing jobs when the right role has presented itself. However, I would say my best ever job was my role with Elisabeth Elkins Catering.  I was given a considerable degree of autonomy to conceive, plan and implement our marketing strategy. I had a highly productive working relationship with the Managing Director and the outcome was clearly very successful – our sales more than tripled by the end of my two years.

Word of warning:

Avoid citing your current job. The interviewer will wonder:

  • If it’s that great then why do you really want to leave?
  • If they do give you this job, is there a risk you might later regret it?

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