Service Specific Terms and Conditions

7.1. Resume Writing:

We do not undertake to include non-text elements, e.g. graphics (logos, photographs, etc.) within our resumes, with the exception of simple lines and boxes, nor do we undertake to make use of color.

7.2. Delivery Format:

Files provided on USB Memory Sticks are in Microsoft Word for Windows format. We can not be held liable for incompatibility issues with a user's individual computer set-up although we do undertake to assist as best we are able in resolving any such issues and will provide alternate, more suitable formats if we are able to do so. However, it should be noted that IT support is out of our field of expertise and if we are unable to agree upon a resolution then the user will need to seek appropriate professional IT support at their expense. With regard to potentially faulty USB Memory Sticks the terms and conditions detailed above (under 'Cancellation & Returns Policy') will apply.

7.3. Resume Distribution Service:

Our undertaking is to distribute a client's resume to recruitment agencies and employers to whom it may be of interest. We can not, however, guarantee any subsequent response since this depends on factors beyond our control. Furthermore, for a variety of commercial reasons, we do not disclose details of our database of employers and agencies.

7.4. Completion of Job Application Form:

It should be noted that we do not undertake to actually hand-write onto an original application form, nor do we undertake to print directly onto an original application form. This service covers the preparation of a report advising the client what should be written and where. Naturally, no liability can be accepted for a subsequent failure on the part of the client to be awarded the job in question.

7.5. Email Dispatch:

The above-mentioned terms and conditions relating to file formats (under 'CDs') also apply to files transmitted by email. It should further be noted that we cannot accept any liability for late delivery of emails or for the failure of emails to arrive since the delivery of emails depends on too many external factors beyond our control.