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What are your strengths?

Alternative and related questions:

What are you good at?
What do you consider yourself to be good at?

The meaning behind the question:

With this question the interviewer wants to achieve the following:

  • Identify what your key selling points are
  • Establish whether or not these strengths are relevant to the role they are interviewing for
  • Gain some insight into your character - how self-confident (or arrogant!) you are

Your answer:

Everyone has their strengths. The key to answering this question is not to rattle off a long list of what you consider your strengths to be. Instead you should be seeing to highlight a smaller number of specific strengths, discussing each one briefly and, most importantly, identifying how these strengths relate to the requirements of the job you are applying to undertake. You can even elaborate on one of your strengths by mentioning a specific relevant achievement.

Choose your strengths carefully. It can be hard to say anything very interesting, for example, about the fact that you are very meticulous and pay great attention to detail. However, if the recruiter is looking for someone to lead a team then you can mention team leadership as one of your strengths - and cite an appropriate example or achievement.


I believe my key strength is that I combine experience of traditional film production with extensive experience in the online arena. I’m very aware of current trends in new media and am able to demonstrate excellent creative judgement. I’m also very good at juggling multiple projects simultaneously; in my current role I frequently have as many as half a dozen different projects on the go at any one time - and I’m committed to completing them all on time and on budget. This clearly requires extremely strong project management skills.

Word of warning:

If you don’t give the interviewer at least one specific example to back up your statement then be prepared for them to ask you for one!

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