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Nancy Flores
Career Boost Unleashed: Claire's Expertise Shines in Crafting an Impressive Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile!
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase

I can't speak highly enough about Claire's exceptional work on my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn page. Her attention to detail and ability to highlight my strengths surpassed my expectations. Claire is undoubtedly the best, and I am extremely satisfied with the results. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a top-notch professional in this field.

A profile picture depicting YAN MYO AUNG.
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase


Jennifer G
Professional and Knowledgble
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase

Alisdair did an excellent job composing my cover letter. It was my first cover letter, and I was overwhelmed finding the right words, but thanks to him, I provided the necessary information, and he composed a tailored CV. I would highly recommend their services!

A profile picture depicting Shayna.
Cover Letter
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase

I liked how I was able to have a cover letter that was well written and precise.

A profile picture depicting Maylen FONSECA RAMÍREZ.
very efficient.
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase


Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase

I highly recommend Claire , she is professional, considerate and extremely helpful..

M Alexis
Quality work
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase
High Quality Cover Letter
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase

I received an extremely high cover letter from my reviewer. Writing isn't my skill set so it's nice to have someone quality you can trust to put a strong Cover letter together.

Excellent writing skills
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase

James listens and delivers!

A profile picture depicting Bruno Militzer.
Bruno Militzer
Revamped Cover Letter
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase

Jeff managed to really highlight what is the most important aspect of my Cover Letter, which is brief but very descriptive.

Jerome Floyd
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase


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Peter- Chief Executive Officer
We'd love to have your constructive feedback so we can act upon it and make sure you feel you have got your money's worth out of our services. We reached out on your order to see if you had any additional feedback as we hadn't heard anything from you in over a year until you posted this one star review out of the blue without any further comment.
Eduardo Denis
Great and helpful team!
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase

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