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Greate Service thank you.
Reviewed on | Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

Most important points were clearly highlighted and well explained.

Long-winded sentenses based on other documents
Reviewed on | Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

I paid USD 230 for a premium service but it took more than 2 weeks to receive the first draft, which was long-winded and felt more like a copy than a dedicated written resume. I asked for customer support but no response was received. Very dissapointed.

Maher Messaoudi
The important points to have a good resume
Reviewed on | Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

Very helpful remarks and tricks to improve my resume.

Rohith Guptha
How to build your Resume
Reviewed on | Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

You will get to know what I am? Having a good good conversation with the best person will make you more focused. Over all excellent.

It's Avery good platform to test your resume and skill wise.

Daniella Nneamaka
Resume call review
Reviewed on | Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

It was really helpful, warm and insightful. Resume center indeed has a team of experts.

Rodney Herod
Zeth was extremely helpful!
Reviewed on | Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

I greatly enjoyed the 15-minute call with Zeth. He was direct, concise, addressed my needs, and gave constructive, actionable advice. Every minute of the call was filled with useful information. He was not rambling to consume 15 minutes. It offered optimal value without overselling. I assume him to be a person of integrity and I will definitely be reaching out as soon as my finances allow next month.

Michael O
A Thorough Professional Review
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

I like that my resume was given attention to a thorough professional review. The call came across as very personal and detailed too. The corrections were totally on point. I recommend.

Resume Review
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase
divyanshu dubey
resume review call
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

i liked the way everything went and i understood alot of errors i was making while writing my resume for which i wanted a professional review which i got as well and that was a good experience.

Raghvendra Kumar Mishra
Got very critical feedback
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

I got few important area of improvement in my resume.

They are LEGIT
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

They were honest and straight forward with me. I really appreciate the fact that they took the time to go over the entire resume with me on the call. I really recommend this site.