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May joined JIG in 2022 to enjoy the freedom of a virtual office. Having taught writing at university for decades, including virtual classrooms, the idea of a completely virtual workplace appealed to her, and she was impressed with the collegial spirit of JIG. In her free time May blogs. She also keeps up with current affairs, scouring the news when time allows, to try and make sense of what’s going on in the world. She has lived in the UK in the past, besides Cyprus and her native Lebanon.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A flight attendant

What fictional place would you most like to visit?


If you could live anywhere on this planet, where would you choose to live?

Same as where I live now

Which song can you listen to all day long?


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Gianfranco C.
Excellent service, great value added, low price.
Reviewed on | Next Step CV |Verified Purchase

I purchased the next step tier bundle, May promptly provided me with the initial drafts. After making a few adjustments, I received a highly effective CV, a corresponding LinkedIn profile, and a concise yet impactful cover letter. May was responsive to all my questions and provided clear explanations. She also helped me to organize my skills and competencies, significantly enhancing my overall professional profile.

Very efficient
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

I needed my CV done quick and it was complete in less than 12 hours. Team were quick getting back to me, always polite and created a really well worded CV for me. So happy

Professional Service
Reviewed on | Advanced Career CV |Verified Purchase

May was very professional and quickly knew what I required, good discussions and amendments made swiftly. New drafts submitted after every amendment for me to check.

Would highly recommend the CV Centre.

A profile picture depicting Muhammad Ehsan.
Muhammad Ehsan
Average Work
Reviewed on | Next Step CV |Verified Purchase

The work was not up to my expectations. Writer was not expert in writing Accounts and Finance CVs . Whatever I told was coped and pasted in my CV with zero value addition.

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Reviewed on | Next Step CV/Resume |Verified Purchase

Trusted , lovely staff. Super fast . 🥰

Eva Mervart
Took the stress out of my life.
Reviewed on | Next Step CV/Resume |Verified Purchase

This group was recommended to me by a friend. I was not sure what to expect but figured in the worse case I will lose a few dollars and gain disappointment. My writer, May, was great and did a much better job with the quickness of a cheetah.

I will use, and recommend, your services again.

Now I feel more positive and more confident applying for jobs.

Thank You


Weak service
Reviewed on | Next Step CV |Verified Purchase

The draft had a lot of flaws. Firstly, my initial cv has an ATS score of an average of 90%. I got 2 drafts with a low of around 30%. Some of my details were omitted or incorrectly inserted. The specific job I intended to apply for was ignored. I am disappointed it was a waste of time and money.

Timely Service
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase

I had no set deadline for my cover letter; nevertheless I received a draft in only a couple of days. It was well-written and nicely presented. Ultimately, I got an interview for the job I was applying to.

Malaysian Monkey
Fantastic service!
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase

I'm good at writing cover letters, but it takes me weeks of writing and reviewing because I am a perfectionist. Amy was fantastic at writing my cover letter. Thank you, you saved me a lot of time.

A profile picture depicting Chandrasiri.
A professional and helpful service
Reviewed on | Advanced Career CV/Resume |Verified Purchase

All of you are so helpful and have a customer-oriented culture. It makes me happy. Thank you so much.

Excellent service
Reviewed on | Next Step CV |Verified Purchase

I'm extremely pleased with the outstanding service I received from May. Her responses were always on time and I received my first draft earlier than expected. May helped me to see myself in a new light and I'm now confident that I'll be able to land a new role soon. Thank you May. You are a star.

Amazing fast service
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

It was a swift and convenient service. My CV, Cover letter, and LinkedIn profile were perfect!

Reviewed on | Early Career Resume |Verified Purchase

I like the communication, they keep me posted on everything. They respect their deadline. May, the writer has done a wonderful job on my resume.

william james
Very good service
Reviewed on | Early Career CV |Verified Purchase

Nice and fast

Linkedin Profile Update
Reviewed on | Early Career LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

Thank you for the prompt and professional service!

Reviewed on | First Step CV/Resume |Verified Purchase

Excellent understanding and building

A profile picture depicting Ana.
Fast and efficient
Reviewed on | Next Step CV |Verified Purchase

I have used the service in the past and I have recently used it again to update my most recent experience. May was really professional and understood straight away where I wanted my CV to focus.

Really satisfied with the fast service

Daniel Allemby
Great work and quick response
Reviewed on | Next Step CV |Verified Purchase
Elliot Moore
May was great!
Reviewed on | Basic Career Update |Verified Purchase

The whole process was really smooth, and May offered support throughout! She was really responsive and came back to me with different drafts very regularly. Highly recommend!

Reviewed on | Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

I am very happy with my Resume! Thank you so much!

A profile picture depicting null.
May- Senior CV Writer
Glad to be of help!
Poor service
Reviewed on | Personal Statement |Verified Purchase

Poorly written statement. The writer did little to accomodate my needs and just delivered a very basic document. I asked for a refund but I have not received any news about it and I doubt I could get it. I will never use this service again and certainly would not recommend it to anyone, even for basic stuff

A profile picture depicting null.
Katy- Chief People Officer
Thanks for your review, Carlos, and sorry you felt that the statement prepared for you was very basic. I do not agree that this was poorly written, but it is important to note that you ordered the tier of service that is appropriate for graduates and junior staff, which is not commensurate with your level of experience. What you should have ordered was the senior tier service. Once it was brought to our attention that a mismatch existed between what was required, and what was delivered, we acted promptly to rectify the situation, without additional cost to you. However, you declined to accept our offer, and disengaged from the process, which ultimately meant we were unable to provide you with what was required. Our offer remains and if we can help you with a senior tier personal statement now or in the near future, please reconnect with us.