Senior Resume Writer

Zeth joined JIG in 2021, eager to make a difference in people's lives. Mentored by our team, he desires to capture the voice of every client and values feedback to achieve that goal. As a Senior Writer, he helps many hone their self-marketing and presentation. With a history of editing, writing, and working as a respite care worker, he understands that each client deserves individual attention and care. As a writer and reader, Zeth spends most of his free time honing his craft. He has published and received recognition for his work, but there is always room for improvement. Another leisurely activity of his is playing video games, where he's optimized his time by turning it into a creative exercise, often writing a report on the game for his enjoyment. He's great at parties.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be an author.

What fictional place would you most like to visit?

Revachol, a city rich with history.

If you could live anywhere on this planet, where would you choose to live?

The Mariana Trench, but I feel there's a lot of pressure to get there.

Which song can you listen to all day long?

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Very happy, great service
Reviewed on | Professional LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

Zeth provided and well thought and thorough presentation of my personal c.v. I really valued his insight and he was super helpful on all the changes in order to achieve the perfect c.v I wished to achieve. Highly recommended. Thank you Zeth

Mildred A.
Such an invaluable service!
Reviewed on | Specialist Resume |Verified Purchase

When I decided it was time for a change of jobs, I did the usual - apply for every job I thought was a good fit for me. After not receiving responses from all four organisations I had applied to, I decided it was time for a change. Thanks to Zeth, I learnt that I had a whopping 15 years of experience that I was not selling as well as I should have. I now have an edited resume and I am more confident applying for jobs. I am a satisfied client.

Excellent CV service
Reviewed on | Specialist CV |Verified Purchase

I like the expertise and technical know of the writer Zeth, my CV turned out to be outstanding. We had initial phone call to discuss about my experience, my target role and my expectation in the new cv and Zeth reflected everything I requested in the CV, covering letter and LinkedIn profile. I am really appreciate Zeth took time and effort to create and modify my cv as many times I requested. I am 100% satisfied.

Resume Review
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase
Splendid Professional Adviser
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

The session was very constructive, no wasting time just to pull you into their service. All the feedback were very helpful and useful and I really had a feeling that good job offer is on the way. :) Would recommend to everyone who is in the cloud of CV construction

Chawa Faith Muverengwi
Top notch and adaptable
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase

I liked the Cover Letter service as it does hit the all the key competencies and can be tailored to the specific needs of diverse hiring agencies.

Content can be tailored when filling in bio forms that some employers may use as part of the application pack.

I found the service very efficient and i cannot thank Zeth enough. He was on hand to respond to many of my questions during the whole process

Monish Varghese
Very Insightful
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

I spoke with Zeth who was kind enough to highlight the issue with my CV and how best to address them.

Chawa Faith Muverengwi
Transferable high level skills
Reviewed on | Premium CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

I used James Innes CV Centre for their premium CV/Resume service. Let me just say i should have done that sooner . It is not just about fresh pair of eyes immediately seeing things that one does not realise about themselves. I just discovered how i was selling myself short all these years, thinking small and going for small stuff. I am now holding a concrete, bold high level executive summary of my over 27 years work experience, thanks to Zeth.

He has been very patient as I forwarded several jobs that i wish to apply for . The feedback and comments during our exchanges were very empowering in terms to deepening understanding of myself and what i have achieved through my career. Zeth told me what i had not grasped for myself about myself- what drives and motivates me has not changed from since i left sensational journalism for development work. i am so grateful and happy -the service is fantastic and excellent value for money.

Chawa Faith Muverengwi
Getting to know a client/supplier matters
Reviewed on | Premium 30 Min Phone Call |Verified Purchase

It was an opportunity to feel that there are real people who care and wish to know and understand me as well as my needs better. I feel listened to and understood. It gave me the sense of security that the deliverables will be the best possible.

Paul James
Frustrating experience
Reviewed on | Senior Career Update |Verified Purchase

After my initial call I was then given a different writer who had no clue what I was looking for. After several attempts I was passed to the original writer. I have my final version, but I will have do a lot of work to it before I can use it. This is my 3rd and last Tim eI will ever use this company again.

Katy- Chief People Officer
Thanks so much for taking the time to leave your feedback, and I was very sorry to see that the process was a frustrating one. After you clicked to Approve the order, we realised that you were not completely happy so reached out to you directly for more information. Since then, your writer and I have worked together to make further changes to the CV, sending those over to you on the 3rd December but without any response. Hopefully the CV is now more in keeping with your expectations but please do reach out if there is anything further that we can do to help.
Professional and helpful
Reviewed on | Senior 30 Min Phone Call |Verified Purchase

It has been a pleasure getting my CV made via this platform. The writer was well experienced and understood every point I wanted to highlight in my CV.

Great collaboration and support - excellent results
Reviewed on | Senior CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

I purchased the Senior Consultant Bundle (CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile and a 30 min call). I had the pleasure of working with Zeth on this overhaul of my professional profile, which lasted well over a month. During our collaboration, Zeth was very responsive to my comments and did his best to accommodate my requests and implement my ideas in the drafts, while at the same time he provided his solid experience on CV making as a base, which led to some great results. He was also very supportive in every step of the road. I would definitely recommend Zeth as a writer to anyone seeking to seriously enhance their professional image.

Not worth the money
Reviewed on | Senior CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

The CV writer assigned to me had limited knowledge of the requirements and the market and hence could not provide an effective well-written CV even after suggestions. It is better to go for a service where the writers are professionals and who can guarantee call backs from recruiters.

Katy- Chief People Officer
I am very sorry that your initial experience with us was a negative one. After you shared your feedback with us, we upgraded your order (for free) from our standard to senior level service, including adding a free phone consultation and assigned a new writer to work with you. The order went nice and smoothly from that point on. Your initial minor amendments were all taken care of for you, and you hit the Approve Order button on 1st October. Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to continue working with you, and to restore your confidence in our service.
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