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The Resume Pros
Reviewed on | Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

Awesome service. Great communication. Top notch!

Reviewed on | Advanced Career Resume |Verified Purchase

James did an amazing job on my resume. As I was reading it I was thinking I would hire myself if I was an employer! He was extremely professional and kept in touch with me throughout the process.

A profile picture depicting YAN MYO AUNG.
Reviewed on | Advanced Career Resume |Verified Purchase
Amazing Deal!
Reviewed on | Advanced Career Resume |Verified Purchase

This was an incredible deal for the quality of a professional resume I received. It's clear my reviewer knew his stuff. I never would have been able to put together this kind of resume myself. I'm really looking forward to the job search because I have such a strong resume.

Tyler A.
Reviewed on | Advanced Career Resume |Verified Purchase

It could be that my field demands different requirements than the corporate space but I found myself making a number of changes in wording and structure to make the resume relevant to the job I am applying for. There seemed to be a difference in spelling, grammar and terminology standards as it seemed the writer was using a UK style of English and I am based in the US. I appreciated her prompt response and she was very easy to work with I just feel that my occupation may not line up 100% with JIGs typical client base. Overall it was good product and experience just required more work on my end that I would have hoped to make it something I felt comfortable submitting.

Reviewed on | Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

I am very happy with my Resume! Thank you so much!

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May- CV Writer
Glad to be of help!
Jerome Floyd
Reviewed on | Resume Writing |Verified Purchase


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Peter- Chief Executive Officer
We'd love to have your constructive feedback so we can act upon it and make sure you feel you have got your money's worth out of our services. We reached out on your order to see if you had any additional feedback as we hadn't heard anything from you in over a year until you posted this one star review out of the blue without any further comment.
Communication is A1.
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

I am super pleased with the James Innes Group. They communicate with me every step of the way. The work that was done for my CV was phenomenal. It is beyond what I expected; from my CV review to actually doing it for me. I cannot express how pleased I am right now.

Crystal Williams
Worth the Money
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

Super easy, professional and worth every dollar for an amazing resume!!